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Hi, I’m Matt and I’m constantly looking to connect with smart, talented people. I’d love to hear what you’re working on.

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Learn to ideate, launch, and manage a diverse portfolio of personal ventures – and scale your way to success.

Hi, I’m Matthew Russo – founder of SoloHoldCo. I’m a former CMO/COO of 7x Inc 5000 startup sharing what I know about business while building my own portfolio.

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Process Over Luck

Turn Ideas into Profits

Volumes have been written on how to fund, manage, and grow startups. I’m building a systematic way to get things off the ground with as little risk as possible and scale them to profitability as a solo founder.


Startups begin with a spark, an insight, or a kernel. Learn to become an idea machine and quickly identify trends that could turn into your “next big thing.”


Think your idea will change the world? It’s hard to know without sharing it with potential customers and collecting their feedback in a systematic way.


Don’t waste years building the “perfect” solution. Learn to launch early and often, iterating your way quickly through options using low- and no-code tools.


About Matt

Matt is one of those people whom, when you meet, you instantly know you have to work with. He has an incredible eye for design, is a creative marketer, possesses a technical skill set, and is business-savvy. Working with Matt is so fulfilling because one moment you’ll be collaborating on an exciting idea, and the next, you realize he has executed it with perfect fidelity.

Michael Sueoka

VP Product Management, SteadyMD

Matt is simply one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He is self motivated, detail oriented, thoughtful, earnest, and a just very good person. Anyone who has the chance to work with Matt would never regret it, and more likely become a raving fan like anyone else who knows him.

Rob Emrich

Founder & Exec Chairman, Infillion

Matt is an innovator in every sense of the word. He has a brilliant mind and brings a sense of curiosity to everything he touches. His skillsets run tremendously deep, I’d check every single one off if I could… He also has an innate ability to understand the big picture while knowing how all the pieces of the puzzle fit; an organizational and market-driven wizard. 

Liz Weinsten

VP Marketing, Infillion

Matt has as insane combination of creative talent, systems and process orientation, and grit that makes him truly a 10xer.

Tim Metzner

Founder, Fireroad

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The road to success is rarely a straight path. I’ll never claim to have all the answers, but I’m share what I know so you can live the life you deserve.