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Who Is Matt?

“Tell Me About Yourself”

Let’s be honest: no one really likes to talk about themselves. And if they do, they probably have a tendency to overinflate their strengths and downplay their weaknesses.

Rather than write flattering prose about myself or pluck the most flattering quotes, I asked 15 people I’ve worked with closely over the years then asked an unbiased third-party (ChatGPT) aggregate and synthesize their responses.

Below is the summary.



Matt stands out as an individual who is incredibly personable, knowledgeable, and friendly. He is quick to build trust and rapport with others due to his friendly demeanor, warm nature, and engaging attributes like maintaining good eye contact. Matt possesses a bright mind and showcases traits like compassion, respect, intelligence, and an undeniable drive.

Matt’s entrepreneurial prowess is defined by his versatility and exceptional execution skills. He possesses an innate ability to understand intricate details while simultaneously forming a long-term strategic vision. Matt is known for his analytical mind, detailed orientation, and active listening, which further amplifies his versatility. His history of growing companies from minimal revenue to over $50M is a testament to his relentless drive and solution-oriented mindset.

In leadership, Matt embodies the principles of servant leadership and leading by example. His style is both collaborative and transformative, always prioritizing the well-being and growth of his team members. Matt shines as a “player-coach,” particularly in early-stage and smaller team environments. This makes him invaluable, as he can both envision a strategy and roll up his sleeves to bring it to life.

To amplify his effectiveness, Matt should consider channeling more of his creativity into processes and innovation. There is an eagerness to see more of his UX/UI skills and for him to take on a more prominent role as the face of an organization. It’s also suggested that he could benefit from honing his sales skills, practicing assertive leadership, and holding team members more accountable.

If the business world could only gain one thing from Matt, it would be his unparalleled ability to leverage process and technology to enable teams and individuals. His knack for innovation and originality, especially in the early stages of startups, can bring about transformative changes to any organization.

Doer of things, maker of art, lover of life.

Everyone has a left and right brain; I’m one of the oddballs that actually uses both on a daily basis.

My background in design, experience in real estate, love for the arts, passion for marketing, soft spot for spreadsheets, and fascination with technology & entrepreneurship combine for a unique outlook on business – and life.

Panel session in Seattle; April 2018

Today, I am the founder and Chief Automation Officer at ScaleWell which helps businesses grow more profitably by automating their manual, redundant tasks.

Most recently, I served as CMO, COO, and Entrepreneur in Residence at Infillion, an advertising technology company headquartered in Los Angeles. During my 8.5 year tenure there, I oversaw a variety of activities and teams including marketing, operations, internal innovation, and post-acquisition integration that helped put the company on the Inc. 500 and Deloitte Fast 500 seven consecutive times. Today, the company is recognized as a leading independent advertising and location technology company.

Prior to that, I was the co-founder of:

  • ChatterJet, a tool that helped small businesses use social media more effectively
  • Social Auto Leads, a demand generation company for automotive dealerships, and
  • Blast Brand, an online marketing agency that helped small- to medium-sized businesses create a clear path to their digital presence

I’ve also run three marathons¬†and believe in the power of a well-constructed system.

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